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Thank you for wanting to get to know us!! We are always eager to make new friends and introduce everyone to the joy of living with a Miniature Schnauzer.

We are a Miniature Schnauzer Family from Long Island New York! We have been living in Long Island for over 25 years, and have had the joy of living with Miniature Schnauzers for over 15 of them. Our first Miniature Schnauzer was a healthy white girl named Snowy. She joined the family when we moved to Baldwin back in 2005, and gave us more than a decade of daily smiles and unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as she developed ovarian cancer and had to put to sleep. It was a heartbreaking moment as we all regretfully said our last goodbyes and put an end to an amazing chapter.

It would be a few years until we were ready to introduce the next bundle of joy into our lives. We had an Australian Shepherd for a year, and we decided that she needed someone to be her partner in crime. Being fluffballs of infinite energy that they are, we knew that a Miniature Schnauzer would be the perfect best friend for her. We introduced Archie to the family in January of 2020, and it has been magic ever since. We consider Archie to be a SUPER Miniature Schnauzer, having an unparalleled understanding to our feelings and the quickest intuition to learn new tricks (for a tasty treat).

Living with Archie invigorated our passion and love for Miniature Schnauzers, and kindled our desire to spread the joy of living with a Miniature Schnauzer to everyone. We officially embarked on our journey when we brought our munchkin Miniature Schnauzer Raisin from Arkansas on October of 2020. It would be a few months later until our next girl Lilypup joined our family from Indiana. All of our Miniature Schnauzers are AKC recognized and adored by everyone in the neighborhood (minus the squirrels).

Unfortunately our legacy with Raisin was short lived as she went through a tragic accident weeks before her first birthday and left our home to go to puppy heaven. Our family was shook with the sudden loss but the support from our friends and family helped us move forward and focus on the 4 incredible miniature schnauzer babies that she left behind. Thankfully the puppies were not too affected by the loss as they were weaned weeks prior, and each of them went to loving and caring homes to pass along their mothers flame.

Below is a quick bio to all of our parents!


Coat: Salt & Pepper (Light)
Weight: 17 pounds
Personality: Loyal, People Pleaser

Archie is the first member to our Schnauzy Pawz family. He was born on September of 2019 and has been with the family since January of 2020. His amazing personality kindled our passion to spread the love and joy of living with a Miniature Schnauzer. Archie is always eager to learn new tricks and put on a show for a tasty treat. He doesn't like being away his favorite hooman for too long, but he's always excited to meet a new furry friend!


Coat: Salt & Pepper (Dark)
Weight: 16 pounds
Personality: Affectionate, Licks For Days

Lilypup is one of our newest additions to the Schnauzy Pawz family and it did not take long for her to settle in. Lily has a very soft and kind personality, and is always looking for a face to shower with licks and kisses. She likes to sound the alarm when she notices something new, but goes into love mode when she knows the coast is clear. She is an exemplary Schnauzer, giving Archie a run for his money when it comes to learning new tricks.

Yuki Suzuki

Coat: Black & Silver
Weight: 11 pounds
Personality: Protective, Megaphone

Yuki is half-sister with Lilypup, but with all the same amazingness. She is an adorable Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzer who loves to spend the day doing various shenanigans with her big sister. She is not a picky eater and will happy accept treats and love from strangers. Yuki is very wary towards strangers and like to let them know not to mess with her with her loud voice.

Danibelle Goose

Coat: Salt & Pepper (Dark)
Weight: 13 pounds
Personality: Spicy, Nibbler

Danibelle (Dani) is the third addition to the Schnauzy Pawz family but it did not take long for her to fit right in. Dani looks and acts like a hot mess, and loves to nibble on the ones she loves the most. She is born one day after Yuki and the two have been best friends since Day 1


Coat: Salt & Pepper (Light)
Weight: 16 pounds
Personality: Timid, Obedient

Luna joined the Schnauzy Pawz family after having a successful litter of 5 with a prior breeder. She joined the pack to pass off as Archie's twin, and has been taking her sweet time settling in and letting her personality show. She is an amazing listening, coming over whenever she hears her name. She is shy to express herself but isn't scared to express her love to her favorite hoomans!

Macchiato Bean

Coat: Liver
Weight: 9 pounds
Personality: Animated, Teddy Bear
Macchi Ato Bean is the smallest of the pack, clocking in at just under double digits. Not only does she stand out from her smaller size but also through her liver coat which makes a Mini Schnauzer Teddy Bear. Macchi is a very animated pup, wiggling her tiny stub like there's no tomorrow.