AKC Registration

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a registry for purebred dogs in the United States. They have been founded 1884, and while some of their acceptable/required practices (such as tail docking or ear cropping) have been up for debate (and even banned in some parts of the world), they are still one of the largest and well known organizations for defining and enforcing the standards for purebred dogs.

All of our dogs for sale are AKC registered, and we will fill out all the necessary paperwork for you to register yourself as the new owner of an AKC recognized Miniature Schnauzer. Being part of the AKC family gives you access to a lot of tools and resources, such as weekly training emails and exclusive invites to AKC sponsored events.

All of our Miniature Schnauzers for sale come with Platinum registration, a $302 value provided at no extra cost! The Platinum registration includes additional resources to help introduce your new puppy to its new home and environment. Read below all that is included with your AKC Platinum Registration!

  • Official AKC Registration Certificate: Certified document personalized in the name of you and your dog

  • AKC Pet Insurance: 30 days of accident and illness pet health insurance included

  • Vet Helpline for 30 days: 30 days of 24/7 service staffed by licensed veterinary staff and pet professionals

  • New Puppy Guide - Digital Edition: Essential care and advice for the new puppy owner

  • Complimentary AKC VetNet Office Visit: Free initial vet appointment at any provider in AKC's Veterinary Network

  • AKC Reunite Lifetime Enrollment: AKC's lost pet recovery service helps get your dog home safely with its custom collar tag and 24/7/365 protection

  • AKC Family Dog Magazine: AKC's lifestyle publication for dog lovers

  • AKC Certified Pedigree: Display your puppy's family tree with this frameable document that details its ancestry

  • AKC GoodDog! Training Helpline: Receive live support and advice from expert trainers available 7 days/week